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acquario livorno acquarium

Livorno Aquarium


The Livorno aquarium is the second largest aquarium in Italy, while in the first place we find the Genova aquarium.

Inside the aquarium you will find all the nature of the Mediterranean and its archaeological and artistic treasures, you will find scientific discoveries that write new chapters on our history.

The path is useful for learning nature, art, and science and for immersing yourself completely in a fantasy world that you have never explored before; at the Livorno aquarium it will be possible to do so.

Furthermore, if your hunger for knowledge is never satisfied enough, you can visit the exhibition on the upper floor “Il Telescopio di Galileo. The tool that changed the world “where you can see the stars.

Sky and sea together, in a splendid single journey!

How to enter Livorno Aquarium

Prices for entry into the aquarium vary depending on the period, below are the prices and all the updated information on the official website.

acquario di livorno

Aquarium Schedules

livorno acquarium


Where is the aquarium located?

Piazzale Mascagni, 1
57127 Livorno LI

vacanza a cecina con i bambini holiday in cecina with kids

Holiday in Cecina with kids


Going on holiday in Cecina with kids and with the whole family, could be the winning idea to organize your summer vacation.
Cecina, or more generally the Tuscan Maremma, is a destination that promises sea, attractions, fun and relaxation for both adults and children.

Some examples of places and attractions that you can experience during your vacation in Cecina or in the Maremma, in case you want to venture into an adventure beyond the beauties of Cecina:

The Acqua Village of Cecina, the aquatic amusement park full of attractions and a very popular destination for all ages will test your adventurous spirit. Click here to find out more about the Acqua Village in Cecina.

The Cavallino Matto amusement park, located in the Mediterranean pinewood just a few steps from the beach of Donoratico. The amusement park offers a series of adrenaline-fueled attractions such as roller coasters, roller coasters, water games and even a beautiful 4D cinema.

The Giardino sospeso located in Riparbella, is an adventure trail for adults and children from 6 years; you will walk on Tibetan bridges, ropes and nets (obviously the whole route provides that the guests are perfectly insured with a safety rope and a protective helmet). Test your courage and adventurous spirit.

Elba Island, the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago; known for its beautiful golden beaches and its blue sea. Great summer tourist destination.

If you want adventures a little further from Cecina, then the Giardino dei tarocchi is a must-see; it is an artistic park located in the area of ??Capalbio and is populated by 21 incredible statues inspired by the figures of the major arcana of the tarot.

As you may have noticed, the fun and attractions for your holiday in Cecina with kids are certainly not lacking … and these only just a few examples! We are waiting for you in Cecina!